Rackmount Servers

Rackmount Servers

Companies of all sizes benefit tremendously from investing in a network solution that includes rackmount servers. One of the key advantages to investing in a server is the ability to manage data more efficiently. Along with data management, the right server may also protect your data from being corrupted due to system malfunctions and even hackers.

A server is device designed to share information and to store it in a safe environment. Rackmount servers are designed specifically to optimize storage space. Rackmount servers are housed in cabinets or racks, which are available in several different sizes to fit the height of a shelving unit. Sizes generally range from 1U to 7U, and measure nineteen inches in width.

Custom Rackmount Servers

If you're working with a limited space, you may want to consider 2U rackmount servers. In order to configure this type of system, you may need to customize your network. At Nixsys we work with you to design a network that fits your need for improved processing speeds and your storage limitations.

Another option for high-speed applications is to invest in dual core rackmount servers. This type of server features two processors in a single core. Additional high-speed fans and plenty of memory expansion options make these servers ideal for growing businesses. This server typically produces greater processing speeds without drawing on additional power sources. Every business has its own set of specific requirements for its network. Contact us today and let us help you customize the system that's right for you.

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.


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