How to Install Windows NT 4.0


Installing Windows NT 4.0

1.- Boot the computer with a DOS floppy that has at least FDISK, FORMAT, and CD-Rom support.

Use FDISK to create a 2Gb partition on the fixed disk and set the partition active. When exiting FDISK the computer will reboot to save partition information.

After restarting, Format C:

2.- Insert Windows NT 4.0 Server CD-Rom and type "D:\i386\winnt /b". This starts the Installation process.

Press enter at the Windows NT setup screen.

After files have copied you will be asked if you want to reboot. Press Enter

3.- After reboot. Windows NT setup screen. Press enter.

Press enter.

Page down, page down. Press F8 to accept the license agreement.

When setup lists the computer information press enter to accept it.

4.- Choose the highlighted partition and press enter.

Convert the partition to NTFS and press enter.

Press "C" to convert the file system.

Verify the path to install files (D:\WINNT) and press enter.

5.- Let the system do its, oh so exhaustive examination of your computer. Press enter.

Remove all disks and press enter to restart.

Insert Windows NT 4.0 Server CD-Rom and click [OK] when prompted.

6.- Click [Next] at Windows NT Server version 4.0 setup.

At the name and organization window, enter what you want. Be Imaginative. Click [Next].

Enter the CD key (040-0048126) and click [Next].

7.- Select "Per server" and increase to 10 connections. Click [Next].

Enter "NT2" for Computer name (NetBIOS name) and specify the Server type "BDC" and click [Next].

Enter the administrator account password and confirm, then click [Next].

Select "no" when asked if you would like to create an emergency repair disk. Click [Next].

8.- Select components you wish to install. Click [Next].

When the Windows NT setup screen appears again, click [Next].

Select "Wired to the network" When asked for a connection option and click [Next].

Uncheck the "Install the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)" and click [Next].

9.- When asked for NIC drivers, insert driver disk #1 in floppy A: and click [Have Disk].

Select "3com Fast Etherlink/ Etherlink XL PCI Bus Master NIC (3C905B-TX) and click [OK].

Select the Protocols to be installed (NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP) and click [Next].

10.- Insert disk #2 when prompted and click [OK].

Select "No" when asked if a DHCP server will be used.

11.- When the TCP/IP properties window appears provide the following:

a. IP address =

b. Subnet Mask =

c. Default gateway =


12.- Click [OK].

Click [Next] to start the network.

Enter the domain (TM2) and click [Next].

Click [Finish]

13.- Select time zone and date and click [OK]

Click [OK] to accept display adapter.

Click [OK] to save settings.

Click [OK]

14.- When the "Installation Complete" screen appears. Remove all disks and click [Restart Computer].

When prompted, press ctrl+alt+del to login.

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