Rack Mount LCD Monitors

Rack Mount LCD Monitors

  Why go any way other than custom when it comes to your rack mount computer servers? We'll build the systems or workstations you need with the features you want, right down to the LCD monitors. Custom equipment eliminates clutter and lets you focus better on your business, so you can concentrate on what really matters.

At NIXSYS, we outshine other systems integrators through our attention to the whole package. This includes user needs, relevant selection, enduring quality and sane prices. When you add up the "extras" you don't need from other manufacturers or the cost of replacing poor-quality rack mount equipment, custom becomes even more affordable. Your business comes out ahead in the deal when you get the latest and most useful features that apply to your specific functions. "Prescription" Rack Mount LCD Monitors Customize your peripherals by selecting one of our 15- or 17-inch rack mount LCD monitors. Choose between 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 resolution, with or without a built-in KVM switch. Eight connective ports give you immediate access to shared mail, database, Web and EIA application servers. We package these monitors with keyboard/trackball combos in a 1U locking display. That's your prescription for direct portable access. Use our rack mount LCD monitors and displays to monitor your data center or mobile files with supreme confidence. If you have service issues or questions, our support team won't quit until you're productive and satisfied. It's easy to stand behind our products when they're based on the most precise manufacturing and proven technology available. Got questions? Contact us today!


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