Rackmount Computers

Rackmount Computers

Are you looking to replace your old computers, or add to an existing rackmount system? Concerned about your budget and getting the technology you need? NIXSYS has what you need. If money's an issue, start with entry-level systems or more advanced, bare-bones servers. If performance is your caveat, we've got some of the biggest powerhouses on the market. We've carefully chosen a range of quality products to keep up with the changes in your business.

Intel and AMD have it covered when it comes to power and efficiency. Browse our Athlon, Opteron, Pentium D and Xeon rackmount computers in a wide variety of sizes and memory choices. Hot-swap and LAN features are included, and drive and power options customize the units. One of the best things about this great selection might be the price.

Rackmount Computers and Accessories When You Need Them

What happens when a tech emergency strikes? That's when NIXSYS really swings into action. A threat to your business is our concern too. We understand our customers' critical deadlines and need for rackmount computers that work around the clock. When you're in a pinch, our support team's first commitment is to restoring the peace and productivity of your data center.

Customers say they love dealing with our representatives. Personable, knowledgeable and proactive, our service team is ready and waiting to help you. We've got detailed information about product specs, and can get right to work on a service question or problem over the phone. We are invested in our products before and after they go out the door. If you have any questions regarding rackmount computers, contact us today.

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.


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