Silent Workstations

Silent Workstations

In a perfect world, computing would be soundless, flawless and fast. That virtual environment is here, thanks to silent workstations customized by NIXSYS. Businesses with specialized technical or audiovisual applications will love our low-decibel, high-output server workstations built on Intel and AMD frameworks. Working to your specs, we'll put together a personalized system that balances complex performance and security, heat dissipation and noise.

By thoughtfully matching components to your data, communication and environmental needs, we create workstations with the highest possible efficiency. Choose from a global selection of Athlon, Opteron, Pentium and Xeon processors with intense memory and graphics support, in single, dual or quad core models. Integrate them with displays, keyboards, mice or trackballs with your workstation destination in mind. Then we'll turn down the volume.

Silent Workstations: A World of Your Own

Excessive computer noise can cause permanent health damage to the daily user. Many organizations have made this health issue a priority and are making the jump to silent systems, discovering a pleasant increase in productivity as well. NIXSYS custom workstations become your silent cocoon for extremely demanding projects. We dampen the sound made by cooling fans, storage units and power packs, building silencing features directly into your server units.

Custom workstations are a serious investment, and we back ours up with serious service. Our sales and tech teams are in contact with you all the way through the selection, configuration, delivery and implementation process. We offer you are world of support as close as your telephone. Got questions about silent workstations? Contact us today!

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