3U Short Rackmount Servers - Intel and AMD

Power and speed in 3U Short Rackmount space are yours with an array of high-performance short rackmount servers from NIXSYS. 

We give you lots of traction with as many hard drives as you need in the latest technology from AMD and Intel. With NIXSYS, you're in the driver's seat when it comes to memory, interface and storage drive options--and you can always expect premium customer service.

3U Short Rackmount Servers - Intel and AMD

Your business has to run smoothly, period. That's why we require a track record of reliability as well as innovation in choosing the products we offer our customers. High-speed transfer must be paired with shock-absorbing stability, keeping your information system efficient and operating 24/7. Our 3U short rackmount servers are based on strong and secure Athlon processors from AMD, or Pentium and CPUs from Intel.

3U Short Rackmount Servers Plus Top Service

NIXSYS 3U short servers product line is designed with a short depth rackmount chassis and excellent airflow for space-sensitive applications, such as Network & Security appliance, firewall, VPN, Telephony and military applications where short rackmount servers are required. It is also perfect for projects requiring shallow rackmount space, such as broadcast, audio studio, and home theater applications.

You need powerful 3U Short hardware that won't conk out, and that will save you money down the road. Let NIXSYS drive your business forward by making selection, shipping and service smooth. We won't slow down your high-speed operation. Our wide selection and inventory mean that we can ship you the equipment you need on demand. Short Rackmount servers offer easy installation, and we can usually answer any technical questions in an instant. We'll go off the beaten path to find the right rackmount server models and options for you. Customer service is the beginning, not the end, of our business relationship.

Got questions? Contact us for more information.

Short Rackmount Server Product Line

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.

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