1U Short Server - Intel and AMD

Let us match your information management system to the minds that generate your business. Maximize space and pack in performance with your choice of NIXSYS Short Servers. 

At NIXSYS, our custom-manufactured 1U Short server give you the power and execution you need, enhanced by special options and accessories that are your call to make. Additionally, we'll be there for you with the support to make it work.

1U Short Server - Intel and AMD

Choose from dual or quad core based processors from Intel and AMD products proven reliable and easy to upgrade. Intel's Pentium/Xeon processors are known for punch and efficiency. AMD Opteron offers additional diversity in expansion. Great memory, SATA storage and LAN communication give you broad coverage in single 1U short server. Rack mount design makes them simple to install. Need a home for your system? See our workstations and rack mount accessories.

Find the Right 1U Short Server for You

Designed with our industry-leading approach to thermal management, cooling control, and high-efficiency power supplies, our 1U short server are earth-friendly solutions that deliver significant energy savings to end-users.

At NIXSYS, we've selected innovative products that consistently stand the test of time and function. We'll work with you every step of the way to find the technology that's right for the job, at prices you can afford, with delivery and customer service that hustles. We believe that when your business gains an edge, so does ours.

You need solid hardware that won't quit and that will save you money every day. Maximize time and investment dollars. Enjoy easy shopping, shipping and access to service. Buy single or integrated 1U short server that will launch you toward the future by getting the job done today. Got questions? Contact us for more information.

Short Rackmount Server Product Line

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.

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