Rack Mount Cabinets

Rack Mount Cabinets

We wouldn't sell our computer without a chassis, so why would we offer full systems without rack mount cabinets? Standard sizing makes these elements a match made in heaven. Rack mount servers come in uniform 19-inch widths and multiples of standard 1U height. Rack mount hardware, which can be installed in easy-to-move cabinets, accommodates two depth sizes, so you can pair just about any server with our line of rack mount cabinets.

Our rack mount cabinets range from 11U to 42U height capacity, and bracket hardware is fully adjustable and can be mounted at the cabinet's center or rear. You'll configure the rack system any way you like--whether in line with your current structure, or to accommodate new, larger equipment. Wheel them around if you like, but count on stable "feet" when you need them. Triple doors on these cabinets will make installation and maintenance easy. All doors are equipped with security locks when you want to restrict access. Identify or monitor your equipment though the thick, clear Plexiglas front door--another feature we couldn't do without.

Pair Your Servers with Rack Mount Cabinets

You can trust your server and data investment to our secure rack mount cabinets. Heavy-gauge sheet metal sides and floor provide protection, while multiple fans and cable access holes ventilate to keep your computers running smoothly. We recommend these cabinets for use with any of our AMD Athlon and Opteron, or Intel Pentium and Xeon based servers and 1U accessories.

Our selection of quality servers, configured to your individual specifications, pairs wonderfully with these rack mount cabinets. Contact us today!

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.

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