Quiet Workstations

Quiet Workstations

Rattling fans, whining power supplies, and hard drives that go bump in the night. Do these sound like your computers? Compare the decibel levels of your current operations with quiet workstations designed by NIXSYS. Our sales team will help you weigh your critical needs against pre-fabricated, standard equipment, and show you the benefits of going custom. With our "silent" option kit, custom means quiet, and quiet means a jump in your productivity. If you've got high-end visual and audio tasks that require a neutral computing environment, our quiet workstations are your ticket.

Self-contained workstations can be noisy little powerhouses. Some system builders deal with the problem by skimping on features. We're confident that you can enjoy the best technology and performance in a whisper-quiet machine, and evem set up wherever your business takes you. We'll build the quiet workstations you want based on Intel Pentium or Xeon, and AMD Athlon or Opteron processors, comparable to the functionality of your central database.

Compare the Advantages of NIXSYS Quiet Workstations

Quiet is a bonus when you order custom computer workstations from NIXSYS. We start with high-quality components, add the muscle you need from RAM, SATA and LAN, and test the system for foolproof operation. You'll have a say in every detail, from processor power to memory and RAID control. Then we'll work our magic on the volume, depending on how much cooling your server requires.

Ambient noise from multiple computers adds up, especially when your workstations are mobile. Compare the effort of retrofitting your existing servers with building custom quiet equipment, as you need it. We think you'll find NIXSYS workstations a valuable alternative. Contact us today!

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.

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