Quiet Servers

Quiet Servers

You've built the data center of your dreams with rackmount servers to die for, uninterruptible power and incredible networking capabilities. You've improved on performance, multitasking and energy efficiency. But what about the noise? With every new element, you run the risk of raising the noise level. Even components with no moving parts can still suffer from power supply whine. Decrease the sound pollution with new quiet servers built by NIXSYS.

We base our servers on AMD Athlon and Opteron, and Intel Pentium and Xeon processor technology, then coax them into working as silently as possible. Browse our selection of quiet single and dual servers, or let us customize other models that you have in mind. Perfect the performance of these hard-working computers by selecting optional silencing modifications when you order.

Perfect Your Space with Quiet Servers

Some applications demand intense audiovisual concentration, and in these cases, every decibel counts. Fan noise, hard drive echo and power supply buzz are flaws you can do without. Perfect your workspace by building quiet operation right into your computer. We have a phenomenal selection of dependable, yet cutting-edge AMD and Intel based servers in a wide variety of capacities and formats. Your choice of features or additional options is custom configured and pre-tested for you.

Don't let loud equipment keep you from reaching new heights in information management. Integrate quiet components and manufacturing techniques into every new addition to your system. NIXSYS can help you approach perfection by eliminating unhealthy, distracting noise from computer servers and workstations. Let us show you how: contact us today.

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.

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