Quiet Computers

Quiet Computers

Imagine working in a space filled with just the relevant information at hand, with only the sights and sounds of your project to draw your attention. You've just envisioned custom quiet computers built by NIXSYS. You won't believe what a little silence can do for your business, or what your personal choice in options can do for your computers. We adapt many models of AMD and Intel servers to run nearly imperceptibly. Let NIXSYS help you focus on the latest silencer technology, so you can get down to work.

Discover the long-term benefits of quiet computing on your overall business success, as well as on the health of your employees. Concentrated computer noise can be damaging, yet many organizations don't take notice of data center and workstation decibel levels until it's too late. Dampen rising noise levels by selecting optional silencer kits on all your new computers. As an added bonus, watch efficiency soar. Decreasing noise can increase user focus.

Focus on Quiet Computers

Greater focus means greater productivity, and you'll have the equipment to handle it with our Intel and AMD based servers. Browse our inventory of Pentium, Xeon, Athlon and Opteron servers in a variety of formats, or ask our sales team to customize the server you have your eye on. "Quiet" technology is emerging and will only become more important as your business adds to its data center.

Get quiet computers from the system builders who really focus on you. Our support staff is responsive, knowledgeable and just plain pleasant to work with. We'll address your selection and service needs fast and to your satisfaction. For questions, contact us today.

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at (866) 464-9797.

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