OpenBSD Servers

OpenBSD Servers

You love OpenBSD Servers for their security and broad application coverage. We love BSD software for its great productivity in AMD and Intel based computer servers. Let NIXSYS deliver this amazing horsepower in one custom-built package for your business. We install your choice of OpenBSD operating systems on the servers that best suit your individual needs, then fine-tune the package with dozens of possible features and options.


Is a Unix-like computer operating system descended from Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), a Unix derivative developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It was forked from NetBSD by project leader Theo de Raadt in late 1995. The project is widely known for the developers’ insistence on open source code and quality documentation; uncompromising position on software licensing; and focus on security and code correctness. The project is coordinated from de Raadt’s home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its logo and mascot is Puffy, a pufferfish.

OpenBSD includes a number of security features absent or optional in other operating systems and has a tradition of developers auditing the source code for software bugs and security problems. The project maintains strict policies on licensing and prefers the open source BSD licence and its variants—in the past this has led to a comprehensive licence audit and moves to remove or replace code under licences found less acceptable.

As with most other BSD-based operating systems, the OpenBSD kernel and userland programs, such as the shell and common tools like cat and ps, are developed together in a single source repository. Third-party software is available as binary packages or may be built from source using the ports tree.

OpenBSD Server

OpenBSD’s security enhancements, built-in cryptography and the pf firewall suit it for use in the security industry, particularly for firewalls, intrusion-detection systems and VPN gateways. It is also commonly used for servers which must resist cracking and DoS attacks, and due to including the spamd daemon, OpenBSD Server sometimes is used in mail filtering applications.

At NIXSYS, we believe in delivering dependable, friendly service. You’ll find our sales and tech teams knowledgeable enough to answer any of your questions, find solutions and follow through fully. Quality, selection and service: we want to bring it all to you. For questions about OpenBSD Server, contact us today.

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